China Chang'e 3 Lunar Rover Yutu (Jade Rabbit) Finds Strange Anomalies

  • Uploaded by 8seconds on Jan 26, 2014
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Somehow my intro didn't get on there. I had a hell of a time making this video it bombed out twice! Sorry I am just getting around to a new Chinese update. I have been meaning to do this video and my buddy Chris over at MARS ANOMALIES channel ( has done a great video on the Manipulation of this photo. I am going to take the opposite approach and just take a look at the amazing anomalies in the background. (The ones that are left in and and blurred to make them hard to see). I hope you all enjoy! Check out my friends page at and lets get him some new subscribers! Much love to you all! Since we cannot get these pictures directly from the Chinese Space Agency we have to get them through the news outlets. Here is the link to the page I used to get the picture: PLEASE COMMENT, HIT LIKE & SHARE ON GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER & THE REST :) Much love to you all! "I see what I see, You see what you see.." - Me UFO photo's you took? NASA photo's from Mars? Anything you have I am willing to take a look at! Request that I review a picture or send me a video tip by emailing me at and sending me what you have along with the links! Also check me out online at: - Anomaly Website - Personal Website - Scholarship for Music - My Channel - Energy Field Information Network (WhatsUpInTheSky)

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