CAUGHT ON VIDEO: MIRACLE...Woman Escapes Fatal Death! MUST SEE!

  • Uploaded by prepordie on Jan 27, 2014
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A woman in Russia is very happy, in fact she must be over the moon. And it's all because of a utility pole. This particular pole has saved her is the heart-stopping moment when a women made a split-second decision to leap behind a telegraph pole as a speeding car came hurtling towards her. The pole took the full force as the out of control vehicle crashed head-on. Miraculously she escaped without even a scratch even though she was staring at death in the face. The footage comes from two CCTV cameras overlooking a main road. She was almost certain to have been killed or seriously injured if she had either frozen or leapt the other way. Seen from the second camera, her survival is all the more remarkable because the car hits the pole and disintegrates because of the force of the collision.

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