Syria army killed more than 120 militants in southern Damascus

The Syrian army Sunday ambushed dozens of gunmen who were planning to cut through the shield Damascus International airport. Also therre was violent clashes between the Syrian army and the militant nushra front in the city of Daria. said an officer in the Syrian army in a statement to Al-Alam: I tried a wide range of armed groups with the help of coaches bombs and armored attack on the sites of our troops defending by the liberalization of the foot area west and tried to sneak off the highway International and we have to prevent and Qaibdnahm great losses in lives and equipment and weapons. Dart fierce battles between the two sides on the international road in an attempt by armed groups pulling the bodies of the dead confirms military sources that most of them point victory and the so-called Islamic Front. also confiscated military automatic rifles, grenades and launchers RBJ was used by armed groups in the attacks on some sites army military. in west axis violent clashes took place between the Syrian army and gunmen in the town of Darya, talked to military sources, the killing of a number of militants, the victory, while targeting heavy artillery concentrations militants in the groves, salt and always Farms Rankous.

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