Molten Steel: The Biggest Lie about 9/11

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NIST engineer John Gross giving a lecture about the collapse of the World Trade Center. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology( is a government agency that did much of the analysis for the 9/11 Commission Report. A concerned citizen asks him about the pools of molten steel at the base of the World Trade Center. John Gross then begins to deny their existence, then the video cuts and PROVES BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT that there were in fact pools of molten steel. The cuts back to say that he was there, there were none, and moreover that the fires could not have melted steel. The citizen explains the existence of video evidence showing molten steel pouring out of the World Trade Center. He also explains the existence of thermal images showing that steel could have been melted there. The fact that thermite nanoparticles were also found in ash in the rubble, with the exact stoichiometry needed for use in explosives, throughout the steel structural supports of the buildings is as clear evidence as any that this, when ignited from the planes and from explosions heard throughout the building, is what cause the steel to melt and the building to collapse like in a controlled demolition. When will people stop pointing the finger and calling the "crazy" excuse when thee is perfectly logical causality to this. NIST has provided a very pallid picture of what really happened for scientists in government employ; to think that 2 jet planes crashing into a building could melt the entire structure of one of the largest buildings in America as if it was placed inside a foundry or a volcanic crater is outstanding. It was melted from the inside out with previously placed, precision crafted, thermite.

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