Banking's Dirty Drug Driven Profits

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many people don't know that the bulk of cash within the international banking syndicate is dirty money tainted by drug cartels and crime syndicates. every year, big banks are caught laundering massive amounts of money for drug cartels, yet the "justice" system never prosecutes anyone, slaps these banks on the wrist with a laughable fine, and allows bankers to walk without an admission of guilt of any wrongdoing. Ask yourself why this is? If you've never thought about this and dig deep enough for an answer, the answers will shock you. Citigroup Banker Amy Elliot testimony where she testified that top executives at Citigroup KNEW she was laundering dirty criminal money for Raul Salinas and helped her do it. Amy Elliot: "We are little pawns in this whole thing" Raul Salinas/Citigroup scandal: drug cartel money saved global banks in 2008: Global Banks are the Drug Cartel's Bankers: Wachovia drug money laundering US Banks launder $500B of dirty money every year HSBC launders money for terrorists, rogue states, and Mexican drug lords HSBC and global drug lords Bankers: How HSBC Hooked Up With Drug Traffickers & Terrorists, And Got Away With It Money Launderer Tells

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