1/28/2014 -- Winter Weather Outbreak along the Gulf Coast / Southern USA

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If you live in the Southern US or know someone who is in the region, please use caution when traveling today!Use the links here to monitor RADAR / Satellite feeds (streaming real time): national and international weather monitoring links can be found here: United States / Gulf Coast winter weather outbreak:The Gulf coast of the United States is normally a place of refuge from the cold of the North during today we see a 2nd round of winter weather reaching far south to the beaches of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Ice, sleet, and fairly heavy snow expected throughout the AM and this afternoon (Jan 28 2014).Midwestern and East coast states are not immune to these winter weather watches / warnings watches include Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, and North throughout the day we should continue to see the wintery mix series of far south reaching cold fronts, spurred on by the "polar vortex" (talked about at great length by the main stream media), will continue into the near term future (next week at least).... as we are now seeing a lineup of low pressure systems to the Pacific Northwest, which will produce more midwest United States (possibly south US) winter have a winter weather, and severe weather plan ready, just in case. Food, water, transportation, communications, clothing / heating. And remember your pets!!

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