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Extract from richplanet.net: Hollie Greig is a very brave lady. We were only too pleased to help Hollie, Robert and Anne get their story out to the world. The mainstream media have been sensored from covering this case of child sex abuse. What appears to be a cover up from the highest levels in the Scottish Government is slowly being uncovered. Those in power who have attempted to keep this case under wraps and protect the first domino must by now be quaking in their boots. The case is the tip of a huge iceberg of paedophilia which includes judges, high ranking police officers and many others. Some say the abusers include members of the British aswell as Scottish Governments. WE ARE MAKING THIS INTERVIEW AVAILABLE FOR ALL TO COPY AND SPREAD. PLEASE SEND THIS VIDEO FAR AND WIDE. MAKE COPIES OF IT AND POST WHEREVER. WE GRANT PERMISSION TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DISPLAY THIS VIDEO ON THEIR WEBSITES, ON YOUTUBE OR DOWNLOAD AND MAKE DVDS TO HAND OUT ETC. Hollie was raped by 16 abusers/rapists from 1986 (aged 6) to 2000 (aged 20). These rapists are ALL being protected from prosecution by the Government of Scotland -- one of the abusers is a Scottish sheriff (judge). The legal firm Levy and Mcrae who control ALL Scottish media companies and also have control over the Scottish Government have prevented any media reporting this case. They also ordered the police to arrest Robert Green and bar him from Aberdeen. Our spineless mainstream media including the BBC have been warned not to cover this case, and have complied with D notices which are censoring them. Not Richplanet. What media organisation in their right mind would agree to sensor this case? The media are as guilty as the perpetrators, they have not an ounce of moral courage in their slimy bodies. They all need replacing. The reason why they are preventing this case being investigated is because there are many other cases not yet investigated and paedophilia in the UK goes to the highest levels of the Scottish and British Government. Comments now open here. Any crap will be removed. Please consider commenting here: http://truth-wars.co.uk/hollie-greig/ Via: http://www.richplanet.net Hoax? I don't realy see how the whole thing could be a hoax. I'm more inclined to believe that the hoax revelation could be a smear campaign on all involved in the hope it'll go away. I can't say for sure it is all 100% true, but I feel accusations of abuse are real.

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