Huge Exclamation Mark / Keyhole On Mars Similar To Ones In Japan

Oh my I am sorry for this 37 minute long rambling one. I have been up for a couple days finishing up some coding and networking for work and then worked on for a good bit as well. I am exhausted and this ran 37 minutes. I love these photos. I was going to wait until tomorrow to make the video after I did some sleeping but as you will see I had 10 windows up with stuff so I just rambled on! :) I am going to link the files as always as well as link the video that reminded me I needed to do this video! They did a great NASA LInks:#startPLEASE COMMENT, HIT LIKE & SHARE ON GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER & THE REST :) Much love to you all! "I see what I see, You see what you " - MeUFO photo's you took? NASA photo's from Mars? Anything you have I am willing to take a look at! Request that I review a picture or send me a video tip by emailing me at will@ and sending me what you have along with the links! Also check me out online at: - Anomaly - Personal - Scholarship for - My Channel - Energy Field Information Network (WhatsUpInTheSky)

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