SHOCKING: Obama Becoming DICTATOR in 2014!

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Jan 30, 2014
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Find More TRUTH EXPOSED and SCANDALS UNCOVERED:*********************************************************************The Money GPS by David Quintieri featuring Bob Chapman, James Turk, and David Inside the Book!: My Free eBooks:FLUORIDE: : : for the COLLAPSE:*********************************************************************Description:State of the Union 2014: Obama calls for 'year of action'Obama highlighted a dozen executive actions, including an executive order announced earlier Tuesday to raise the minimum wagePresident Obama has "warmed up" to using executive authority, and when he believes "he has the authority" to "make progress" without action by Congress, he will do itObama tells Russia's Medvedev more flexibility after electionSources:*********************************************************************Look Inside TheMoneyGPS: *********************************************************************Download My Free eBooks:FLUORIDE: : : *********************************************************************PREPARE for the COLLAPSE:*********************************************************************.

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