Special Report Operations of the Syrian army in Zara

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Homs (world) reported -30/01/2014- us in Syria, said the Syrian army surrounded the armed groups in the Krak des Chevaliers one of the main strongholds of Homs countryside, where he began a massive military operation in the village of Zara, who controlled the surrounding farms, where the process includes the villages of Alhsrgih and Alchoudh and surrounding farms too. Zara village adjacent to Tlklkh overlooking the international road Homs - Tartus, which Insurgents have repeatedly tried to control it and the targeting of passers-by, as targeted Zara thermal station and burned the fuel tanks. The insurgents held sway in this region, starting in the village of Zara passing through villages and Alhsrgih Alchoudh down to the fort. A military source said to us: the military operation began in Zara area this morning, and we controlled the majority of Zara, and suffered great losses the ranks of the insurgents, and victory is near, God willing. Today spreads the Syrian army and the forces of national defense on the perimeter of Zara, and through the process of quality be targeted by artillery from several directions, in order to pave the way for entry of infantry divisions and the clash with militants who are in it. A military source said to us: We are in the armed forces and the Syrian army will address the latest terrorist act in all the territory of our country, and we finished our control on farms east of Paroha hand, and on the main entrance to the village of Zara and the entrance point of Nara. He added: We announce and confirm that we are continuing and will continue until the last terrorist address in Syrian territory. They indicated to us that the clashes were now in the hand of Zara tower and fuel tanks, the Syrian army has been able to control the Mount Gah and surrounding orchards Balzarh, and is now advancing towards the village of Alhsrgih. The correspondent reported that the army managed to kill a large number of militants who are where and who belong to different foreign nationals.

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