Strong M6.6 Solar Flare/Filament Eruption January 30, 2014

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Strong Solar Flare & Filament Eruption !A large sized magnetic filament became unstable and ejected off the solar coronal triggering a cascading Solar Flare at 16:28 UTC yesterday around active region 11967. The duel eruption occurred while the active region was not in an earth facing position however the spread of the filament eruption and resulting Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) will have an earth directed component and impact on Earths magnetic field is expected early February 2nd and possible geomagnetic storming will be a short time we are offering a two for one deal to showcase the the February Newsletter and get the March Newsletter emailed to you Live Quake Forecasting Quality Solar youtube Reporting Soft Terrestrial Activity Solar Wind Solar Planetary K index Xray Flux Information from Solar Weather Weather Used is composed by "Illumination" by West One Music

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