Operation Saucer - Col. Hollanda Complete

OPERATION SAUCER - Colonel Hollanda (Actual Report) (25m 42s)

This Video File was uploaded here on DTV for the first time on: Feb 1, 2010.
This can be checked on a very same File, almost with the same Title, standing here among other uploads of mine here. It seems there's left only the thumbnail, lol*.


A brazilian Colonel reports everything about the "Operation Saucer" (or Operation Plate) that took place in the Amazon Area in 1977. The Disclosure happened in 1997. Some few weeks later Cel. Hollanda was found hanged at his own bed. It's said it was a suicide but the doubts will ever remain.
This is NOT a "TV Version" or a "Simulation". This is HIS actual report.
For the very first time in the WEB the True Report about the Operation Saucer, through a high level Patent Military Authority, subtitled in english.

ATT: Listen and watch carefully the words and face expressions of Cel. Hollanda between 09:38 and 10:30 (here at this video). Well... knowing him as I knew (I can't say we were "Friends"; no) I dare saying that "THERE'S SOMETHING THERE". See his "sarcastic" smile and face expression when he tells about HOW MANY FILMS they had, to whom they belonged, how etc...
Many Agents that were there are still alive...

They were all IMPLANTED (even Cel. Hollanda) but the authors of this interview covered up important info in both releases (VHS and DVD) they sold in Brazil.
The$e cover-up were $$$old to THChannel.
Great ufologi$t$$$ the$e !!!

(This "ATT" is being added on august, 13th [Friday!] of 2010 - Doc)


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