Anonymous. A public address to the British Government given by (WE) the People. JANUARY 2014.

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What are your thoughts on this video and the statement below? This video appeared briefly on another YT account claiming to be the Real Anonymous. Maybe a hoax, maybe it's not. I have no other details which i can use to confirm or refute. I cannot and do not claim responsibility for it's creation. I downloaded because the last few minutes caught my interest, and reposted after its disappearance for social debate only - on one FB group! Not to incite rioting or a political/social revolution. There are also other copies available to view on YT. (As it says below, i, and you, have full consent to repost this video to our own accounts) P.S. Yes, i have my own opinions why the video was made, some not so good. Perhaps your comments will confirm my suspicions, or convince me otherwise. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING ABUSIVE AND RASCIST LANGUAGE IN YOUR COMMENTS. Thank you. Quote: "To David Cameron and the serving unelected coalition Government, We, being the Real Anonymous, We, as being the general public and People of the United Kingdom, acknowledge your declaration of social warfare and false austerity against all the citizens of this nation. We acknowledge your only interest in political appointment, is that of self interest. We acknowledge your contempt for the majorities common concerns, and the long-term security of our nations welfare assets. We acknowledge that yours is not a Government that leads in the interest of the common good for all the people of this nation. We acknowledge that your position in office is little more than a podium, for which you utilize to preach mass antipathy, and dictate an attitude of snobbery and hostility towards the people and families whom provide the main tax artery and revenue of this Country. We now acknowledge the time has arrived, for us the General Public, to stand together and take all necessary ACTION to end your political tyranny against us. We accept, as too must you, that you are no longer regarded as our civil leaders, nor our worldwide representatives. A Supported Campaign of Civil Rebellion is Imminent . EXPECT US!!! All members of the British public are requested to download, share and repost this broadcast." ___________________________________________________________________

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