Banned From TV (2). must see documentary

Banned From Television, also known as Banned From TV, is a 1998 direct-to-video, shockumentary film, that consists of various scenes of stock footage, depicting death and real scenes of violence. It is mainly about riots, car chases, crime, accidents and much much more from around the world. Despite its title with the word "Banned" in, it has been shown on reality tv as well as many European/Asian TV news channels when most of the things happened. It is banned in the United Kingdom by the BBFC because they argue that the footage was presented as entertainment.[1] Since its release, Banned From Television has been followed by two sequels, both of which were released in 1998 and were direct-to-video. Combining all three films together, the total length is 144 minutes. The films feature the use of fast beat and intense music, composed by APM Music, to accompany most of the footage, although some of the footage is presented with just the raw sound. Sound effects are occasionally added; such as gun shots, car crashes and tire screeches. Each clip is accompanied by very stoic commentary from a narrator, who usually provides extra detail on each clip explaining whether the person survived or not. The most graphic part of each clip is usually repeated again in slow motion. Banned From Television was originally released on VHS in 1998, and was later released on DVD, on April 2, 2002.[2] The Banned From Television series is distributed by Joe Francis of Mantra Films, which was formerly known as Fall Lin competition In Bangkok, Thailand, at the stock exchange, a bankrupt and distraught man holds a gun

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