Anonymous asks you Barack Obama, Do You See What We See

  • Uploaded by Malogg on Feb 2, 2014
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Wake up people this is not normal this is not wat our country was soposed to turn into.. The sad thing is most people In America are just to afraid to stand up, they can't face the fact that our government would kill us and harm our families if we go against their interest. They use fear and intimidation as means to keep use like a scared puppy dog, but I do know thru out the world,history has already shown how governments have killed their own people, that's why they wanna keep this world filled with ignorance, why waste their time when they know they can keep us hating each other and killing ourselves and those sick fucks have a front row seat.. we have to realise there are more of us then there are of them and if the government thinks that american troops will fire on us he has another thing comming some might but the majority wont nor will the cops yes we have a few bad ones but a good percentage are good people i believe we should have a peacfull rvelution but dont push the real americans to far they will push back the government is like a bully they like to bully people but when you stand up to them they run like cowards becareful how you push the american people around you might not like what happens. Man will fall and it will be his own fault.

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