Dozens of Gunmen Killed in Aleppo Syria

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Damascus (the world) 02/01/2014 Syrian army continues operations against armed groups on several axes, in the Old City of Aleppo launched an offensive against militants Front victory in Bani Zeid bowl. In the countryside of Latakia, north of the country, official sources confirmed the deaths of a number of militants, including Daash Saudis and Libyans, while clashes continue in the area of ​​the foot in Rural Damascus. All these developments come amid significant progress of the Syrian army in the main axes of the fighting, while local sources said the army control of the Bani Zeid hand Sheikh Maksoud. In turn, military sources confirmed the deaths of dozens of nationalities of the militants by targeting Syria is the Syrian army headquarters of the gunmen in the eastern neighborhood of Al-Ansari in Aleppo. In the countryside north of Latakia Official sources confirmed the death of a number of militants Daash in hand "Rabia", including two Saudis "Zen rolling - and Ahmed Awad," and Allibian Indian and Majdi Abu Rami heel In Damascus continued violent clashes between the Syrian army and armed groups in the neighborhood of the foot, while heavy artillery targeted militant positions in the farms always, military sources confirmed the deaths of dozens of gunmen from the militant front. He said one of the field commanders of the Syrian army in a statement to Al-Alam has been monitoring large numbers of militants from the front of the victory and the Islamic Front in the area always because there is a large gathering them in Douma, were destroyed their headquarters mortar and artillery have been the elimination of large numbers of armed men, all foreigners. In parallel with military operations in most parts of Damascus, continue settlement efforts to reach Jobar, said local sources in the region said contacts were underway to complete the deal for calm in the neighborhood to the east of Damascus, so stop shooting, in preparation for the delivery of insurgents and heavy weapons to the Syrian forces.

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