Gaza Farmers suffer from Israel's inhumane practices

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Israeli soldiers shot and wounded seven Gazans-- most of them farmers-- on Friday inside the so-called buffer zone, east of Gaza. The area stretches from the northern town of Beth Hanoun all the way down to Rafah, the most southern tip of the blockaded enclave. People who move around in the vicinity of that area are usually the target of trigger-happy Israeli soldiers. Most of the shooting victims are teenagers and people in their early twenties. Some have died of their wounds while others have sustained serious injuries. PRESS TV interviewed 23-year-old Ahmad Abu-eshkayan at his hospital bed. His leg was shattered and its arteries and nerves have been severed after he was shot by Israeli forces. Gazans were allowed to farm in the no-go area as part of the truce agreement between the Palestinians and Israel. Brokered by Egypt in November 2012; the truce ended the eight-day Israel's aggression on Gaza. But according to humanitarian workers, Tel-Aviv has so far violated the truce over 14-hundred times. According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights--P-C-H-R-- the precise area designated by Tel-Aviv as a buffer zone is not clear and this Israeli policy is typically enforced with live ammunition. The suffering of Palestinian farmers in this blockaded territory reflects the scope of continuous Israeli human rights violations. This comes amid what many here describe as an international conspiracy of silence.

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