International Space Station First 10 Years Next 10 Years

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1000 Uploads :-) Did you know that people have been living and working in space around the clock, every day single day, for more than ten years? During the past decade, 15 nations have come together, setting aside boundaries and differences, to design, assemble, occupy, and conduct research inside and outside of the largest and longest inhabited object to ever orbit the Earth - the International Space Station. As early as the nineteenth century, writers and artists and scientists around the world began to publish their visions of a crewed outpost in space. Learn about the history of space stations, from a literary description of an orbiting outpost made from bricks through a four-year period in the mid-1990s that saw the space shuttle dock with - and American astronauts live aboard - the Russian space station Mir. Did you know that there are people living and working in space aboard the space station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? And that there are people on Earth working around the clock every day of the year supporting the station crews? Check out the control centers in America, Russia, Europe, and Japan, and learn how supplies and equipment are delivered to the astronauts and cosmonauts in orbit. Now that the space station is fully assembled and operational, what does the future hold for this remarkable structure? What's next for humans as we continue to explore, and what role does the space station have in that

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