Donal MacIntyre & Bill Maloney - Survivors Must Unite

In the film you about to watch, Bill Maloney bumps into universally acclaimed Investigative Journalist Donal MacIntyre, at the Pope's controversial 2010 UK London visit.

What follows is a fascinating insight into the harrowing lives, that the two men have to live in order to get their work to you the public. They are united in their message to urge child abuse survivors and campaigners of all walks to STOP ARGUING AND UNITE! Donal also confirms that he has heard about the case of HOLLIE GREIG and give his reasons for the difficulty for terrestrial TV to cover such a case. To find out more about Hollie Greig visit:

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"God Bless all Victims & Survivors."

UK Government & Judiciary: Introduce legislation to grant Amnesty for whistle blowing paedophiles

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