Super Bowl XLVIII - 2014 Attack ? - Prophetic Warning Dream

  • Uploaded by thinkbig on Feb 2, 2014
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A prophetic dream / vision I had about an attack in the New Jersey / New York area. Also links to 3 other videos about many more prophetic dreams/visions that might be warnings of an attack on the SuperBowl in MetLife Stadium hosted by NJ & 1 link to a written dream of similar may or may not be pointing to this 2014 event, but thought it would be prudent to upload them just in case they were meant as warnings to watch #1 watch #2 see #3 Vision #4 - attack on a football read dream/vision #5 original upload of dream last year: hope this doesn't happen on Sunday, but I have had many prophetic dreams/visions about the era we live in, which IS the End of the Age. So I have no doubt that the End Times are about to unfold. Please check out my channel if you are interested in any of my other prophetic can tell you with certainty, the government can't save you from what is the UN peacekeeping trrops won't save the FEMA camps won't save YOU'RE GOING TO NEED A HIGHER only JESUS you would like to learn more about the Most High God,please visit my website you would like to GET SAVED and be possessed by the Holy Spirit,please click on the link below for a quick easy prayer::Other great videos on the subject - prophetic and false flag conspiracyWhat are the Odds? Signs They Are Planning A Superbowl Attack! 1/30/14SUPER BOWL 2014 PREPARATIONS & CRAZY ILLUMINATI 1/29/14SUPERBOWL TREASONBOWL REDHOT GW 1/28/14Super Bowl 2014 Harbinger! False Flag? 1/26/14BREAKING NEWS SUPERBOWL FALSE FLAG 1/25/141-5-13 My wife's Vision a Bomber flying over packed football stadium, dumps "gas" 2014 Superbowl? 1/5/14 warning - East Coast Attack by air "mist" and outside of actual superbowl 48 - Sunday - Feb 2, 2014 (2/2/14)

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