Evidence Comet ISON Fulfilled Mayan & Hopi Predictions

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Scientific evidence that lends credence to the probability that comet ISON did in fact pass our sun in the ancient past, and that it was possibly the fragment of a much larger comet that brought the fiery red pahana stone. More links below:ISON: Bible Describes the New World Order in Detail: Bible Says Asteroid will Strike the Atlantic Ocean?! from the Serpent 2014? the Abomination of Desolation was set up August 2, 2012: Revelation 12:1-5 was fulfilled on October 16, 2012 1260 Days Ends in 2014 The Escape of the Bride & Timeline in the End: of the TRUE Hebrew Calendar:, HOPI, Egyptians, Bible, Comet ISON, and Rapture: the Biggest Event in History is About to Happen! the Mayans REALLY Said About Dec 21, 2012 (Guaranteed you haven't heard this one yet-probably because it's the truth): Proof the Book of Revelation Describes a Coming Asteroid Strike: it All Together: Bible, Egyptians, Mayans, Planet X & of the Book of Genesis: Aliens Masquerading as God for 6000 Years? 3 Shapeshifting: The Shaft That Made Their Appearance Blossom:: Removal of the Veil: of what is described above is explained in more detail in my E-book "2013 in the Bible & other Ancient Texts": E-Book PDF printable version available on my website: also available on Amazon: #_ Thank you to those who make it possible for me to research and share this important information!!! If you appreciate this video, please help me continue- PayPal honors your privacy and every little bit helps! BIG THANK YOU to those who do!!!

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