2014 Super Bowl not Unlike Nazi Siege

  • Uploaded by Harlekin on Feb 2, 2014
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Jakari Jackson is at the Super Bowl on a mission; to find just out what type of people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for the opportunity to surrender their 4th Amendment Rights to be groped, violated, poked, prodded and more! It's all about the love about the game -and the love of slavery. Follow Alex on TWITTER:'Like' Alex on FACEBOOK - INFOWARS LIFE-MAKE A HEALTHY CHANGE TODAY! - Shield** NEW ITEMSuper Male Vitality** NEW ITEMSurvival Shield - Nascent Iodine** NEW ITEMPatriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEMImmune Support Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEM[[HERBAL SURVIVAL KIT]]** NEW ITEMcontains herbal remedies for the most common survival [[INFOWARS MAGAZINE]] JANUARY ISSUE**[[INFOWARS HEALTH]]-START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

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