'Floating Anarchy 1977' [Dævid Allen, Gilli Smyth and The Here & Now Band]

“Here and Now is Floating Anarchy.
Don’t you know it’s the only way to be?
Violence is caused by governments, armies, police force.”

Floating Anarchy Live 77 is a live album by Planet Gong, although usually credited as Gong.

Recorded live in Toulouse apart from the track "Opium for the People" which was recorded in the studio by Frank Relisch. Originally released in 1978 in vinyl format, it's now available as a CD.

1. "Psychological Overture" 2:36
2. "Floating Anarchy" 5:15
3. "Stoned Innocent Frankenstein" (Dævid Allen) 3:18
4. "New Age Transformation Try: No More Sages" 12:10
4. "Opium for the People" (Dævid Allen) 4:25
5. "Allez Ali Baba Black Sheep Have you Any Bullshit: Mama Maya Mantram" 15:01

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