30.01.2014 Russia, Moscow Rally in support of the Libyan people

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Picket in support of the Libyan people and the Resistance Green .01/30/2014 Russian anti-globalization movement , together with the community of Gaddafi held a picket in support of the Green Resistance and the people of Libya . We express our solidarity with those who are not impressed by the attackers , and NATO soldiers . We hope that they would know they are not alone in their struggle! The progressive humanity with them! Now , in the south of Libya in Sabha fierce fighting . The nation is tired of the constant flow of terrorists from several countries to Libya. Centralized power in the country and no criminal after the overthrow of leader Muammar Gaddafi , the country is mired in a terrible economic and political crisis . Now Libya - it is a transit point for education and training of terrorists for the war in Syria. Russian anti-globalization movement

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