2/02/2014 -- Weather Modification, Cloud Seeding / "Chemtrails" -- Freedom Frequency

Friday's 2 hour show was great!! This video is just a 15min excerpt .. listen to the whole discussion (Friday Jan 31) here: on the topic of radio frequency effects: show covering the topics of Weather Modification, Radio Frequency, Cloud Seeding, chemtrails, and the "fake snow".For those who don't already know, I'm hosting a new radio show .. called "Freedom Frequency" ... Every Friday night, from 8-10pm Eastern :) Link to current and past shows here ! "Freedom Frequency 1871" is a radio show dedicated to truth, justice & peace. Standing up for what is right, owning up to the Oath to protect our liberty from tyranny. Covering the spectrum of alternative news information, everything from Earthquakes to Shadow Government. Fighting the good fight since 2010, onwards into the future we : Fridays 8:00pm-10:00pm Eastern

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