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Orb Nation - Alien Orbs Leave Chemtrails


  • Jonathan Galt#

    Jonathan Galt February 5, 2014 4:45:30 AM CET

    It's time to find out the truth. Share and sign the petition at http://wh.gov/lRAl9

  • Mistaron#

    Mistaron February 3, 2014 5:04:57 PM CET

    They're ours!

    They've been ours since the thirties/forties.

    Yes, there was a crash at Roswell, and yes, there was a massive cover-up, as were other landed/crashed cases, but we're talking ultra-black projects here, (energy tech so advanced it would threaten the world order), not as they would have you believe, alien visitations.

    I used to blindly believe the Ufological playbook from the premise of us being unable to achieve the physics of what people are witnessing. However, after years of re-reading and re-watching available material and approaching the subject from a "what if they are not alien but Tesla-related advanced tech, secretly researched and funded?" perspective, I believe that we are the victims of the biggest free-energy, misdirection con in history!

    No, I don't have concrete proof, but I find it interesting that there is little research or questioning when so many stories of cover-up could correlate such a posit with much of what we know from real facts as opposed to assumptions.

    I don't deny that "some" reports and videos seem inexplicable, but without being privy to corporate/military discoveries and experimental craft, I can only suggest that the encouragement of people to jump at the alien conclusion would be a mindset the secret-keepers of such revolutionary tech would clandestinely and subversively welcome.

    Further, I believe that some, if not many, UFO researchers and witnesses have been duped, coerced or work directly under the auspices of a long-term, intelligence agency brief, to control the misdirection of the narrative.

    I'd still love to believe that we are not alone, but documented, recovered-craft events point more to secret projects going wrong than they do aliens. And that's why the national security pressure and leaked cover stories get drip-fed.

    Let's be honest, if the military top shots had no idea as to the epidemic of recent verifiable sightings, don't you think our parliamentarians would be clamouring for answers?

    "The game is afoot, Watson"

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