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'Breathtaking extent of corruption across EU!' [LOL @ European Commission]


According to an official report, corruption is costing the 28-nation bloc nearly 162 billion dollars every year. Meanwhile, two major opinion polls have revealed that 75 percent of European citizens view corruption to be widespread in their countries. EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem says corruption is undermining trust in democracy and draining resources from the legal economy. Malmstroem is to present a full report on the issue later on Monday.

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  • ratatosk#

    ratatosk February 3, 2014 8:09:14 PM CET

    She knows all a bout it ! Becouse the Swedish goverment are world rekord holders in hypocratical behavior.
    They talk about peace in day time at the night they are selling weapons from their secret weapon factories in Saudi Arabia, to all dictators in the world so they can kill their own people and sell everything thats worth something to the weapon dealers.

    The gov, of Sweden have been doing this now for 35 years, they are giving this diktators allso possibilitis to suppres the opposites and track dem in real time tru the exellent system that our telefon company Telia has developed to gether with Ericsson, and they pay big bucks to the dictators for the rights of the telefon systems that the dictators are bilding up in their contrys, and the dictators loves our system becouse its the best tracking system you can get to day.

    The Swedish gov, its allso responsible for the drones that are used by the US-military and killing people all over the world.

    And how do you like the bombs/mines that looks like a toy, and when the kids pick them up they will be blown up in pacis, and thats happening every day, all over the globe with the right help from our big brother USA.

    So, she knows every thing of the art of how to use the money in the "right way", and who you can do the "right" buisness with in the "proper" way, like we sveds say.


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