Syria War Front Update February 3 2014

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Our correspondent in Syria colleague Mazen Slmo in a news bulletin shortly before: operations continue fighting between armed groups in the city of Aleppo and its countryside, where sources said the armed opposition that the organization ISIL send a car bomb and a suicide bomber to the headquarters of the FSA in the town of Shepherd, where The suicide bomber to blow himself up the place, killing more than 16 insurgents of the FSA and the wounding of 20 others, including leaders of the Lashkar-e-Yeh. Our correspondent added: in the town of Tal redness as well as armed clashes took place between ISIL and the Islamic Front, where opposition sources confirmed the deaths of dozens of gunmen from both sides. He continued as part of the military operations carried out by the Syrian army in Aleppo and its countryside, especially in the Khalidiya and Ashrafieh and Alleramoun, which the army has intensified its operations, and targeted a number of military headquarters of the armed groups, especially the front and the victory of the Islamic Front. The correspondent noted that opposition sources talked about the armed groups and sent out distress calls to the rest of the organizations in Aleppo and its countryside to provide help and backing in the face of the Syrian army. In Deir al-Zour, our correspondent reported that the army has stepped up its operations in the vicinity of a military airport, where violent clashes took place during the past few hours, and it's also in Almrieih, where the army destroyed an ammunition dump of armed groups. Our correspondent said that the Syrian army ambushes of armed groups, especially in the border areas with Lebanon, referring to the killing of six gunmen who tried to infiltrate a group of Islamic Front took place in the perfect ambush, including its leader Mohammed Lebanese eternity. He continued, also in the border area with Jordan, an armed group tried to sneak in the area Gelgm, but fell in an ambush by the Syrian army, killing dozens of insurgents. In Damascus, our correspondent said that the Syrian army targeted the headquarters of the gunmen in Darya and always, killing a number of elements, especially in the Islamic Front, which is always a stronghold.

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