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'Corruption costing EU taxpayers €120bn annually' [Cecilia Malmstrom @ PressTV]


  • ratatosk#

    ratatosk February 5, 2014 9:16:01 PM CET

    You guys wouldent belive the corruption we live under in Sweden! But the worst part is that the goverment in Sweden have been able to give the rest of the world a pickture of that we are an corruption free zone.
    The corruption here in Sweden are so psycologigally well done under the last 40-50 yers, so when people here about corruption, they cant belive it and just says that we are so blessed here becose its just happend to be this one person and the rest 99,9% precent are good guys.
    And then they continue whit their lives like nothing has happend and everything is well...


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