LPAC Policy Committee February 3, 2014

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Throw Obama, the British Stooge Out Now, Destroy Wall Street - First in Ukraine -- the , under London's direction, is supporting the direct Nazi heirs of Hitler's collaborators in World War II against the current Russian ally and former Soviet state. Calling the Ukrainian "uprising" Hitler's revenge (the "freedom fighters" we support openly display the swastika and rail against Jews and persons of color), LaRouche dubbed Sunday's London Financial Times call to use the overthrow of the Ukrainian government to overthrow Russia's Putin, tantamount to an open declaration of war;The NATO threat -- At the Munich Security Conference, September 2nd, NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen sternly threatened about being "bellicose" concerning the BMD missile system the West is placing on Russia's perimeters. Russia, which rightly views this deployment as an offensive weapon encirclement aimed at destroying Russia's ability to respond to a nuclear strike, has stated that the deployment is an existential threat to Russia's very existence;Obama's so-called Asia pivot constitutes a similar plan to confront and neutralize China.

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