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Chill Seekers - Ghost Hunt Episode 11 - The Attachment


After investigating a private residence in Modesto, CA. a negative entity attached itself to members of the team. It followed us around to other investigations through out California. After hearing that activity had picked up we returned to the house and did a follow up investigation. At this time the attachment became more intense. It came to our home and caused problems, almost ending Chill Seekers. One of our investigators had to stop ghost hunting because of this experience. + Use headphones for a better experience + Like us on Facebook.com/ChillSeekers + Please leave all video comments at ChillSeekers.com

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  • jetboy#

    jetboy February 5, 2014 4:33:58 PM CET

    really enjoyed the video,s,whats the future plans?

  • Seahawk#

    Seahawk February 5, 2014 3:31:36 AM CET

    Welcome, Guys. Enjoyed your show. Hope you'll post some more episodes.

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