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Tor Mail Spied On By FBI

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  • uploaded: Feb 5, 2014
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Tor Mail has been used as a secure internet internet service that allows people to be online without being supervised by government security agencies--or so they thought. Turns out that the NSA and FBI have been monitoring the activity on Tor Mail after all, and internet usage is completely trackable by the government. We discuss it on the Buzzsaw news with Tyrel Ventura and producer Tabetha the full episode here: Short Videos: Buzzsaw Full Length Interviews and News:

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  • Mydogma#

    Mydogma February 5, 2014 9:44:55 AM CET

    Frigging criminal was immoral and unlawful to open my mail...but now these demented scum think they have the right to invade everyones privacy...its still my mail and you are stealing are treasonist scum...want to watch me jerk off to you perverso clown outfits...why dont you grab some honor and protect the peoples rights...oh ya.. because the fbi is a bunch of classless shits like the nsa and should all be ashamed of yoursevles for selling out your country!...and yes I hope you read this....infact everyone in the country should email a friend to tell them what scum they think you are!

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