Get ready for Asteroids!

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"Be prepared to be prepared."The UN The ESA and Astrophysicists from all of the world are having a get together to brainstorm in case Near Earth Objects get a little too close or some future Potentially Hazardous Asteroid becomes dangerous. We've got space agencies from all over the globe seeking to put together a high level group. That almost sounds like a movie. From the article,"For the first time, national space agencies from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa will establish an expert group aimed at getting the world's space-faring nations on the 'same page' when it comes to reacting to asteroid task is to coordinate expertise and capabilities for missions aimed at countering asteroids that might one day strike Earth."Read more at: #jCpThe new group will work with the old new group - the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN)So it's like the Avengers meets the Justice League of Earth!If scientists astronomers and astrophysicists were just like Super Heroes. The first ever meeting will be hosted by ESA on 6--7 February in Germany. Good luck!If you need the Astonishers,we will be ready!God bless everyone, tweet me on the twitter @NewThorI am THOR and this is THORnews y'all.

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