ISS-024 and the donut UFO

Hello,That there is alien life in space is not a secret but finding evidence a closer look at this donut UFO, which moves and also looks like a single cell organism. This object is relatively small and it must be only 1200 mm - 1500 mm in diameter. It moves or better floats slowly "pulsating" along the International Space Station where it passes two Russian kosmonauts. Unlike most UFO videos this is not a blinking white dot far away in the distance and gone in a few seconds but this UFO we can follow over a longer period of time. The greyish objects in the background are Russian Kosmonauts performing a spacewalk. We hear Russian Space Command and NASA's female narrator, when the camera starts to track the object. NASA's female public information officer clearly is not prepared when she spots the UFO. She does not have a good explanation for this slowly pulsating object and so on the spot she makes up a "ridiculous" washer theory. Have you ever seen a washer (metal ring) of this size?What most people do not know is that "for the reasons of safety of the astronauts and the ISS, NASA constantly tracks space-debris with radar-sations. These stations (one is in Italy) are extremely sensitive and capable of detecting objects of less than 1,0 mm in diameter!!! Every potential threat (there are millions of small, medium and large debris) is listed and the ISS / spaceshuttle / or Soyuz are immediately warned prior a dangerous encounter. Ice, space-debris, small meteorites (if detected, as they are too fast) and all other objects would immediately result in action. Scenario: The astronauts would go back to the ISS, lock themselves up in a special designed room with special small object penetration resistant walls that can withstand heavy impacts and than they would wait for the danger passing why were there no warnings? Did they not see this object? Perhaps because it is completely invisible to radar? See it pulsating? Is this an energy lifeform? A lifeform without mass can not be detected as it does not reflect but absorps radar-beams? I made a few super resolution stills from the original transmission which I very carefully enhancement. The images show you the the donut UFO in full detail. So ... this is a tumbling ice particle according to NASA? ;-) I taped this encounter during the spacewalk of mission ISS-24 on 26 th July 2010. Besides the "ring of light", near the end of the video, we see flashes of light which are UFO of the third phenomenae and you see these UFO in close up and full detail in my other 1967sander

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