How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

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Christie Marie Sheldon's talk at Awesomeness Fest 2010 in Costa Marie Sheldon will change your life. Energy healer and author of Love or Above breathes the kind of talent we wish we had. Christie was born with the gift of seeing your energy vibrations. She'll tell you in an instant what's standing between your goals and dreams. At last year's Awesomeness Fest, Christie shared the realities which creates our blocks and taught us how to overcome it. So if you're ready to unlock your truest potential, check this insightful video get know more about Christie Marie Sheldon, visit: Fest is an annual non-profit event that brings together people who are by nature, driven to change the 's a unique combination of personal growth training, intimate bonding, charity and Woodstock-style parties, all in the midst of a paradise year's guests include Frank Kern, Amish Shah, Arielle Ford, Lynne Twist and a host of other icons in business, personal growth, spirituality and Fest 2011 happens on November 3 - 6 in Maui, the tribe and find out more at:

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