UFO Gulf Breeze.

----------------------------Credit:Mike August 23, 1995, near Florida, UFO investigator/videographer Mike Hawkins, along with several other investigators, spotted an unknown flying object in the night sky at about 10:15 PM. He pursued the object to get a better viewpoint, and his actions were rewarded with the capture of incredible footage of a structured UFO. He and his fellow investigators were in Redfish Point, only about six miles from Gulf Breeze. The object he captured is similar to that of contractor Ed Walters, also shot over Gulf on the gulf breeze sightings - Ed Walters:#p/search/0/AmPdr9PxtF0On November 11, 1987, Ed Walters began snapping photos of objects in the skies above Gulf Breeze, Florida. During the three weeks that followed, Walters reported and documented a series of UFO of the things that struck people as unusual about the photos, was the clarity of the objects photographed and the frequency in which Walters captured them. Walters' sightings caused others to look toward the sky, which caused a great wave of UFO sightings that some claim haven't stopped since 1987. The 'UFO flap' of Gulf Breeze did bring more than 200 people forward with UFO reports during a three-year ' sightings have generated good deal of skepticism over the years, though. The discovery of a 'UFO' model in a house where Walters once lived, since turned the majority of believers into skeptics, related to this particular case also turned UFO researchers against each other through publicized Black, a Cincinnati-based UFO investigator, didn't buy Ed Walters' story. Black followed the money and drew some interesting conclusions. He alleged a lack of ethics demonstrated by MUFON and, in particular, UFO researcher Bruce MacCabee, for profiting from the case. A 2003 interview of Jerry Black by UFO researcher Kenny Young outlines the reasons for the allegations. MacCabee shot back in an open letter, in response to the allegations. UFO community mourned the passing of Jerry Black in 2009. The Gulf Breeze UFO Incident, whether it was a hoax or not, continues to live on.

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