MIT Cold Fusion - The Revolution has Begun!

Last week Jan 27-31, 2014 I attended the Cold Fusion IAP course at MIT, and filmed the lectures for I highly recommend viewing those lectures for anyone who would like dense scientific information on Cold Fusion. would like to extend a special thanks to all the scientists who have worked in this field over the past 20+ years in the face of so much rejection and adversity. Your hard work and dedication has kept the field alive, and humanity will one day thank you!Peter Hagelstein, Mitchell Swartz, Melvin Miles, James Patterson, Edmund Storms, Steven E Jones, Steven B. Krivit, Arata, Letts, etcWhat if the answer to mankind's energy problems was unfairly ignored and dismissed by mainstream science? I fear that Cold Fusion technology will continue to be suppressed by the Powers that Shouldn't because it threatens to undermine the entire energy/monetary/petrodollar system! I would like everyone to share this video and spread the word about Cold Fusion. The Science has now been established, and it's time for the global scientific community to take a second look at Cold Fusion. This is a revolution that is LONG

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