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BEFORE YOU READ THE LINKS Ask yourself how is it possible for the NSA to know where everyone is on the face of the planet yet they cannot simply arrest the new cia front group called the syrian electronic army?? All links CIA FRONT GROUP THE SYRIAN ELECTRONIC ARMY HACKS EBAY AND PAYPAL THE CIA FRONT GROUP HACKED FACEBOOK here is it possible to hack paypal and ebay to billion dollar franchises? The govt wants you to believe in the new boogyman so you will believe the coming lie about the worldwide cyber attack drill feb 15-16 2014. Hopefully nothing happens on that date though. I said "hopefully".GUESS WHAT ELSE JUST "HAPPENS TO BE" On the SAME DAY as the FEB 15-16 2014 Bank drill??? Give up? The g20 bank governor's meeting. : You want real proof the syrian electronic army is tied to anonymous and the cia? Here ya go .They both tried to run the exact same drill under completely different names CAN YOU SAY "EPIC FAIL"?GO CHECK YOUR CALENDER .WHAT'S TODAY'S DATE? NOW READ THIS didn't know about this little bombshell. It turns out we are now in a transition going from the US Dollar to the next currency. The govt held a hearing in 1998 that was setup for THIS YEAR 2014 Called "biometrics and the future of money" right here is proof the rapture is extremely close. we told you this on feb hours article came out PRAY AND STAY ALL STEMMED FROM THIS ONE anyone in the world deny this?? ALL WE KNOW THE DRILL COULD EVEN TAKE PLACE THIS THIS OUT: 40 US REPS & SENATORS RETIRE 24 HOURS BEFORE THE OLYMPICS AND THE DEBT CEILING. HERE Superb reports Here don't be shocked if this occurs on a bigger scale at the sochi out to Susan duclos, Stephan (live free or die) Due Diligence, Lyn Leahz, lisa haven and everyone else at BIN that posts our videos. GOD porn and fearmongering doesn't words were created by the illuminati in their defenseto use against whoever exposes them. It's impossible to be Fearmongers when WE ALWAYS PREACH JESUS CHRIST AND REPENTANCE. YOU WERE SAYING??

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