Unlawful Arrest of Lawful Observer on Barton Moss Road in Irlam Salford protest against fracking

Lawful Observer is assaulted by 9986 and then his colleage lies in order to carry out unlawful arrest of Lawful observer whilst filming police assaults at protest against Fracking on Barton Moss Road, Irlam, Salford on 14/1/14. After the camera was turned off, 08076 David Kehoe breaks camera strap in order to seize camera from lawful observer. Because of advanced storage technology, the video data was stored by the device to be recovered when the camera was eventually returned on 31st January 2014. Uniformed hired thug for IGAS David Kehoe blatantly lies about what is said, even though there is a camera pointed at him recording his of court case 28/1/14: Usher - "can you stand at the end"Freeman - "I claim common law jurisdiction, I do not consent and I wave thebenefits"Magistrate - "Can you repeat that"Freeman - "I claim common law jurisdiction, I do not consent and I wave thebenefits"Magistrate (to other two magistrates) - "I don't think we have had that before"Clerk - "Are you Steven Spy?"Freeman - "I am Steven of the family Spy"Clerk - " Are you Steven Spy?"Freeman - "I am Steven of the family Spy"Clerk - "Where do you live?"Freeman - "I live on the land"Clerk - "Can you confirm your date of birth"Freeman - "I believe that would be hearsay evidence, your honour"Clerk - "If you honour is satisfied we have identified the defendant, we cancontinue".Prosecution - "The prosecution is not satisfied that there is sufficientevidence to substantiate the charge, therefore we withdraw the case"Clerk - " Do you understand that the prosecution is withdrawing its case"Freeman - "No I do not understand, but I do comprehend"Magistrate - "Whether you understand or comprehend, the prosecution iswithdrawing its case, so the case is dismissed and you are free to go"Freeman - "Thank you, your honour".Further developments are:A police complaint was made online on 3rd February 2014 using GMP online form. This was ignored by GMP and a formal police complaint was attempted at Newton Heath police station today at 2pm. Log 940 5/2/14. The civilian worker ECO 66653 Elley claimed that getting an Inspector down was "not the way it is done". He said the procedure was for an Inspector from Swinton would call. An Inspector Windsor from Swinton police station phoned and filled in a complaint form. I have also emailed the complaints section at complaints@ so that there is a further record of the complaint. GMP has a history of ignoring complaints. Make sure there is a record of your complaint. They have 21 days to deal with the complaint before formal litigation is consideration should be given to David Kehoe's activities before this event:

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