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2012 Message from Mother Earth 2012


How to Survive 2012/preparing for a new world and Instructions from Mother Earth on How to live in balance with Her as Passed down in Oral history

According to Hopi who live near the four corners usa, they are waiting for the return of Pahana who will have a unifying universal message of Peace.

further, if Pahana returns from the east, there will be a great peaceful collective awakening during the cleansing, if Pahana returns from the west, there will be catastrophic cleansing before the great awakening

lastly, the hopi elders say we still have a choice to decide how the cleansing will occur

Music by Kannal kan'nal Holy ground

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  • Debris765nju#

    Debris765nju February 19, 2009 6:36:49 AM CET

    thank you, Great Spirit and Mother Earth

  • Redsunset#

    Redsunset January 20, 2009 7:25:57 PM CET

    Beautiful message in every way and so relevant in these times. Thanks for this moment.

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