Supersonic UFO fleet Destroys Clouds in Daylight, Feb 2014

Subscribe for more exclusive UFO videos Add to Circles & Like my page Please Read The Description """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""09/02/14 - Just got my new camcorder, the Canon M52. First UFO sighting filmed with it! :-) According to many, this is a very rare and unique I'm so happy I recorded this!I recorded a massive bright UFO fleet flying at an amazing speed through the clouds. The lights were making a strange trail, as if they were cutting the clouds. My hypothesis is that these objects are probably meteors that were so burning that they "melt" the clouds in their way. Maybe some people have another version? Tell me what you think please!Type Bright lightsScale UnidentifiedDuration 40 secondsColor(s) WhiteLight(s) Single bright lightSpeed FastPlace From my house, FranceFilmed with Canon M52 Please Subscribe to my hard investigations! Visit my channel Now to my friend FindingUFO for DAILY amazing UFO videos! Click here: ** Warning **All non-allowed re-uploads of my video will be reported! Thanks! WTFflow, all rights reserved."""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""=============PEACE & LIGHT =============

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