My Original video the Best Daylight Cluster UFO capture over Sydney9 2 2014Cluster UFO filmed from m

I am this video OWNER I own all rights to all content on this video. Who is the L F They claimed about the Graphic? And they claimed about owner to my video? I captured above my House inside my Backyard. Very SHAME! YOU TUBE Partner!! This Cluster UFOs was captured from my home! S was in my Swimming pool when I saw this object I grub my camera, and started to filming from my pool. You can hearing my Swimming pool pump was running and my when the object wasn't visible I filmed continuously from my roof video is belong to me and I own this footage! I have the original Video tape! My video do not have any kind of music, and contain only my video capture! You can see the date and the time when I filmed! I OWN THIS VIDEO AND ALL CONTENT OF THIS VIDEO!! Laszlo Novak!!

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