BOMBSHELL: Gov. Asks Mayors to Confiscate Guns

Alex covers headlines in the news including a california school removing food from the menu because it's racially insensitivity, black residents refusing the opening of a store that will "Bring white people to the area" and the news that Iran is planning attacks on the US. as well as the bombshell release of the fact that the Government has asked city mayors to sign on to confiscate Alex on TWITTER:'Like' Alex on FACEBOOK - INFOWARS LIFE-MAKE A HEALTHY CHANGE TODAY! - Shield** NEW ITEMSuper Male Vitality** NEW ITEMSurvival Shield - Nascent Iodine** NEW ITEMPatriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEMImmune Support Blend 100% Organic Coffee** NEW ITEM[[HERBAL SURVIVAL KIT]]** NEW ITEMcontains herbal remedies for the most common survival [[INFOWARS MAGAZINE]] FEBRUARY ISSUE**[[INFOWARS HEALTH]]-START GETTING HEALTHY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE

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