6Purely Spiritual Celestial World of Wilderness for Sadhus, Apostles, etc. Who devote Full Time for God and produce ...

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6Purely Spiritual Celestial World of Wilderness for Sadhus, Apostles, etc. Who devote Full Time for God and produce 100% Fruit.
Mesianic Jews hated the Light propagator Gentiles. Gospel is for those who are pre-destined of our Father.
This Samaritan Woman at well of John 4 is well known in the Russian Orthodox Churches but in the West, the men of letters call her a bad woman who married one husband after the other. Here is her story published by a Russian Metropolitan Bishop:-
I live near Oxford and try to attend their Seminars to learn what they have learnt from the Books. University Professors are like the Footpaths. Seed fell on them but they cannot interpret it. When they repeat, then the bird of the air, twice-born sensible people pick up the sense and take advantage of their wealth of Book knowledge. But when I ask simple question such as who created Adam and Eve, they get upset. They are told there is one God bearing the qualities of Yahweh, jealous and revengeful as a natural man is and at the same time He is loving and merciful as expected from our spiritual Father that is represented by his sons in Christ Jesus. Now, in John 3, the Parable of the Nicodemus, Christ Jesus clearly distinguished between Yahweh, the demiurge god of creation of Flesh or Nature at large and our Father God that is Spirit and He works by grace. At Universities, they get the Letters of the Old Testament and of the New but they can hardly explain how what is born of Flesh is flesh and what is born of Spirit is spirit. Or what is born of Flesh, Adam, is water + soul that is emanated from God, our spiritual Father as soul is purely spiritual not visible to our two naked eyes but perceived by our third eye of logical reasoning. This third eye of logical reasoning that identifies spiritual things is opened by the grace of our Father as Jesus demonstrated in the born-blind person of Age in John 9. That is why John, the Baptist baptised people of Age 25 upward who could discern hypocrisy in the temple priests and they believed in this honest Ideal Rabbi, Prophet Elijah, an Angel of Israel, who baptised them in the name of Abraham and created Disciples Jews inwardly and not outwardly like the Temple Priests, which John, the Baptist addressed as Brood of Vipers. As Vipers kill people instantly, so the Jews outwardly caused sectarian riots in which people die in thousands.
Thus, the Disciples of John, the Baptist were Jews inwardly or spiritual and sons of Abraham outwardly displaying the honesty and hospitality of Abraham that made the Arabs and Samaritans famous. Such people who are Salt of the Earth or Adam become suitable for spiritual education and John, the Baptist handed them over to Christ Jesus to be introduced to our Most High God or our spiritual Father. The word Allah is from Al-ilah or The Father where Ilah is the tribal father that they worshipped at Kabah, the Temple of Adam and nothing to do with Allah. That is why a Mosque over there is highly forbidden to children of 12 to 16 years old for whom the Hajj rites are. That Mosque is called Al-Haraam, highly forbidden.
With this short introduction, it will make the understanding of not only Trinity but the whole Gospel very easy. Let us try. If anyone could help me get a paper published, I would much appreciate. These University theologians hate to see me among them and bar me from attending their Seminars that I have no degree in theology and at least a Masters' degree is required before I can sit among them.
Unless you grasp this subject in spirit, you cannot Preach Gospel from your heart. Gospel is not written in ink on paper but over the living in spirit hearts.
In Jesus, we are to be solitary. Much confused Trinity is explained.
Playlist:- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0C8AFaJhsWyU_oUMJodHvSZGoNDPk5bu
Please print these pages to understand Baani as well:-
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