Anti-drone campaigner gone missing in Pakistan

Karim Khan, one of the strong opponents of US assassination drone attacks, went missing since Feb 5 from his residence in the outskirts of Pakistani capital Islamabad. His family says Khan was kidnapped by armed men from Rawalpindi city.Shazad Akbar, senior lawyer who is spearheading the legal battle against the drone strikes, has confirmed the incident. Despite efforts by his family and lawyers, Police and other authorities are not willing to share Khan's whereabouts.Karim Khan, originally a resident of North Waziristan, had been an active member of the anti-drone campaign and had organized several protests in Islamabad and Peshawar. He launched his campaign against the US assassination drone strikes after his son and a brother were killed in one of such attacks in 2009.In an exclusive interview for Press TV's Infocus program in 2011, Khan criticized Pakistani authorities for their failure to stop US unilateral attacks. According to the human rights organizations, up to 3000 people majority of them civilians have died in the illegal drone campaign in Pakistan since 2004. Karim Khan was due to travel to Europe this week to speak to parliamentarians from various European countries about the negative fallout of drone strikes. Khan's family and lawyers believe that his disappearance may have been linked with his vocal opposition to the US deadly attacks in Pakistan.

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