Gerald Celente: 'This is a moral issue, not a military one' [Bilal RadwanSalafi @ RT]

Deadly violence in Lebanon as 'Al Qaeda ideology spreads' Syrian Spillover:

News from many: In the war zones children are the first victims of fanaticism, we could see fear in child eyes... children are always innocent.
All Rights reserved by RT Published on Feb 11, 2014 Humanitarian agencies are evacuating people from the besieged Syrian city of Homs as a ceasefire between the government and opposition is extended for another three days. Peace talks resumed in Geneva this week to try and end the war that's plunged the region into chaos. And neighbouring Lebanon is one of the countries worst affected, with not only the deadly violence, but also a radical ideology that's spilling over the border.
RT's Maria Finoshina reports on the shocking revelations on who's joining the rebels from across the Syrian border.

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