UFO/IFO Benevolent Telepathic Interaction LSB California 7-31-13

Formerly(sphericalwjr08800)William J Roehling Changed to LEGIONS OF LIGHT UFOs**A busy evening of "Amazing Celestial Activity" above my Families home in La Selva Beach during this particular night of Skywatching along wife Alma(Atma)...Myself and our close friend Ron witnessed many "Benevolent Cosmic Brotherhood" UFO/Crafts, Light Ships, Probes&EBEs of various sizes, shapes and Altitudes pass over our this particular recording was the very last Flyover/Sighting we received on this "Unforgettable" I actually felt the approaching Cosmic Energies us from this particular Benevolent Ethereal Light just as i realized it was right over my immediately sent my Loving Thoughts and Intentions of Unconditional Love, Light and Respect up to was immediately "Gifted" unexpected *BURST'S* of brilliant *Unconditional Light*...which literally lit up like a Mass Coronal Pulses of Intense Ethereal Light Energies, in the direct spot where i as i then continued to ask for more responses of Unconditional received several more Ethereal Light *Pulses* which literally Energized My Ethereal is quite difficult to explain unless you've literally experienced this type of Ethereal Enlightenment for !!!And just as my wife had walked in the when this Amazing IFO/Light ship Interaction !!!I've experienced many similar Interactions like this throughout the years, which happened before i could record is the type of Visitation/Interaction Connection that make UFO Skywatching worth all our time and to !!!William(Atman)&Alma(Atma)Roehling** '

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