The Philadelphia Experiment - Time Travel and Psychic Technology

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During World War 2 an experiment occurred, now known as the "Philadelphia Experiment", on a ship with top secret equipment, developed using physics from a Unified Field Theory developed by non other than Albert Einstein himself. The experiment is said to have carried the crew 40 years into the future, from 1944 to 1984. During 1984, in a top secret military base, the men were received at the other end of a time tunnel, sustained by telekinetic energy, the data of which was run through powerful military technology in the Long Island Fort Hero, during experiments held at that time now known as the Montauk Project. The combination of the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk project was a proof positive of time travel, however this was only to be the beginning of a series of experiments confirming the developed theories of teleportation, time travel, brainwave amplification, mind manipulation and inter-dimensional travel. Independent testimony continues to suggest that some of the equipment developed there did have the capability to bend space and time and manipulate the observer effect and many-worlds interpretation in quantum field theory, based on Albert Einstein's Relativity Theory and Nicola Tesla's Quantum Electrodynamics to create quantum mind-induced portals in space and time.

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