Russian Leaders See Plans for U.S. - NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine

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Russian Leaders See Plans for - NATO War With Russia Over UkraineRussia's Gen. Ivashov: "I Assume that the Foreign Ministry Understands We Are at War"February 11, 2014 9 an interview published Feb. 10 by , Gen. Leonid Ivashov, the former foreign relations head of the Russian Ministry of Defense and current president of the Academy of Geopolitical Studies, issued a sharp warning about the nature of the strategic crisis unfolding in Ukraine:"Apparently they [officials of the European Union and Secretary of State John Kerry] have dedicated themselves, and continue to do so, to deeply and thoroughly studying the doctrine of Dr. Goebbels. . . They present everything backwards from reality. It is one of the formulas which Nazi propaganda employed most successfully: . . . They accuse the party that is defending itself, of aggression. What we are seeing in Ukraine and in Syria is a western project, a new kind of war: in both places you see a clear anti-Russian approach, and as is well known, wars today begin with psychological and information warfare operations. . . "I assume that the Foreign Ministry understands that we are at war, and that wars have their laws. . . After the information war, they are preparing a land and sea in Ukraine. Kerry and Obama are encouraging in Kiev what they harshly repress in their country. European leaders break up unauthorized demonstrations with hoses, throwing demonstrators in jail, while in the Ukrainian case they do the exact opposite, and on top of that they threaten Russia. Logically, this is part of information warfare."Keep in mind that, under the cover of information commotion, ships are entering the Black Sea, that is, near Ukraine. They are sending marines, and they have also begun to deploy more tanks in Europe. . . After the information war, they are preparing for an operation by land and sea. Possibly also by air."The scenario could be the following: drive Ukraine to the breaking point, blame Yanukovich and Russia for everything, to then say that NATO can't simply sit by as a mere spectator, and then send its troops into to return order. Then a transitional government would be formed, as happened in Iraq and Kosovo, and NATO would take control of everything. Historical experience shows we have lived through similar situations. But before that they will need to justify the aggression with information warfare. . ."They haven't even taught [opposition leaders] Klitchko, Yatsenyuk and Tyahnybok to run a government efficiently. The main thing is for them to take power, and destroy the Ukrainian state."Gen. Ivashov has been an active participant in Russia's increasingly influential Izborsk Club group of intellectuals, having co-authored its military-strategic white paper in early 2013. (See " Moves Toward Nuclear First Strike Capability," in EIR of March 15, 2013)FOLLOWING BELOW ARE SOME OF THE BEST DOCUMENTARIES EVER PRODUCED BY THE LAROUCHE MOVEMENT. EVERY CITIZEN SHOULD BETTER WATCH THEM SPREAD THEM LIKE WILD ! 1.) Firewall:In Defense Of The Nation ) 1932 - A True History of the United States ) Glass-Steagall, The Complete ) - The New Dark Age - ) The Harvard Yard: Fraud of Modern Education ) LaRouche Classroom: How to Think to Save The Economy 7.) Ecosystems - A Genocidal Fraud 8.) Plato Versus Aristotle - Economy and Philosophy more go to: support is needed! Please show your support by contributing today:

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