'Love Poem' [Shakti Yoni © Gilli Smyth]

From Mother Gong's "Tree in Fish"


The third album of the Robot Woman trilogy came out after Smyth and Williamson had moved to Australia, where Mother Gong flourished, particularly with the l987-94 lineup. This was Robert Calvert (sax, previously with John Stevens' Away band), Rob George (drums), Conrad Henderson (bass), Harry Williamson (guitar, synth) & Gilli (vocals). There were many gigs and Festival tours, and albums like "Every Witch's Way", "She Made the World,", "Wild Child", "Tree in Fish" , "Radio Sessions" "Eye", "Owl in the Tree" (shared with Daevid Allen). With him they also recorded "Magenta" and "Stroking the Tail of the Bird" in Melbourne, at Harry's studio.

Many of the apparently composed pieces on these recordings were culled from 'spontaneous composition' sessions. Smyth would present the others with poetic images and ideas for atmosphere and musical themes, they would feel it out, and then tapes would roll. "Wild Child" is perhaps the epitome of this elegant and emotionally moving process, recorded in a few wild full moon days in a studio in Wales prior to the l989 U.K. tour with this band. During the early 1990's Gilli toured solo several times on the well-trodden US circuit as did Daevid, Kevin Ayers, Tim Blake, Caravan of Dreams (with whom she did some double-bills). She used backing tapes and "dissolving" light show, to create magical atmospheres, and played Avalon Field Glastonbury, in '92, '93 and '94., solo and with the Kangaroo Moon band.

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